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Our Story

Once upon a time...

The story begins 15 years ago in the Val d’Oise when Alain Joly, fascinated by the experiences of early childhood, imagined a world overflowing with tenderness and comforting doudous. Surrounding himself with people as experienced as himself and who shared his passion for the project, Doudou et Compagnie was born.

The first Doudou

One day, Zora, one of our designers, sewed a rabbits head to her newborn baby’s blanket…..and started a revolution in doudou design. The first doudou without stuffing was born and has since become a staple of the world of childhood toys.

Ainsi font font font

Les Doudou-Marionnettes. The Doudou puppets. Great favourites for fun between parents and children, these have quickly become one of the highlights of the Doudou et Compagnie brand.

Doudou Collector: a Timeless Favourite

One of our most distinctive doudous. Colorful with its multiple layers of petals, it dazzles with originality.

2007 : Doudou natural and organic

One of our most distinctive doudous. Colorful with its multiple layers of petals, it dazzles with originality.

Doudou Tatoo

To help reunite lost doudous and their owners, Doudou et Compagnie came up with the idea of the Doudou Tatoo and produced the first collection of tattooed doudous.
This is an an exclusive range benefiting from the expertise of "Doudou et Compagnie»: safe, with an exceptional finish, unparalleled quality and bright colors.


2010: Bonbon bunny, the cult of Doudou!!!

Immediate success for these irresistible balls of tenderness, great favourites for their extreme softness. Bringing happiness to the smallest children, they also bring back happy childhood memories to grown-ups.

"Le Rire Médecin" and "Doudou et Compagnie"

Always concerned about the well-being of children, Doudou et Compagnie has for the past 10 years been involved with the association "Le Rire Médecin," which is dedicated to bringing a smile to children in hospital. Because it’s easier to take care of a happy child...

2012: "Bouilles of Doudou", a new and innovative concept ??

The new generation of doudous... which allows one to make up the dream doudou from among a large choice of appealing characters with cheerful faces. An original concept that is constantly evolving, it is both entertaining and educational and makes the perfect transition between the traditional doudou and the activity toy.

"Doudou L’Ange Poignée," Angel in my pocket

Innovative and unique, the "Angel in the hand doudou" answers the needs of parents and children.

A beautiful story that continues to be written...

Always holding on to its experience and know-how, Doudou et Compagnie builds on its original values; creativity and innovation, quality and safety. A great team with ten designers passionate about their craft, work every day to bring joy and fascination to little ones while creating the most beautiful doudous of tomorrow.